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My biography

Copyright (c) Sergey B. Voinov.
My biography. I was born on the 9-th of September, 1981, Moscow, USSR. From my early years I have been showing great interest in electrical engineering and electronics. In fact, personal computers were not very common in USSR in the mid-80s. My father was working at an electronics engineering company, and it was he who gave me background in the field. In 1988 I entered the primary school. In russian educational system, the studying at school takes about 10 years. Here we get our primary and secondary education. There was essentially no opportunity to study high tech at school, so I tried to do it on my own. The crucial political events in Russia in 1991 and 1993 forced our family to move out from Moscow to the suburbs, where we lived till 2003.

So I had to study at another school, the fact which did not please me much. In 1996 I decided to leave the secondary school and continue my professional education at a technical school (it's kind of a profession colleage) in Moscow. Moscow Industry Technical School - the place where I faced computer hardware and programming for the first time. I started studying Basic in 1990, but unfortunately there was no opportunity to complete the course at that time. In the technical school I was primarily interested in computer hardware and programming. We were studying a lot of computer architecture topics and different hardware stuff. I was practicing in Assembler, Pascal and C/C++ languages. Having graduated from the technical school in 1999 with honors, I entered the second year in Russian State Technological University straight away.

Education at the Information Technologies department involved such fundamentals as discrete mathematics, Software development methodology and scientific approaches application. My first noticeable project was Digital Signal Processing program, which demonstrated a lot of basic and advanced DSP algorithms, including digital filtering, development of IIR- and FIR-filters, homomorphic processing, etc. This project was developed in accordance with my Bachelor's degree educational program in 2001. Having received a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering and Technology with honors, I continued my education.

It is worth noting, that at that moment I had already got job offer to work as a lecturer for third-year students. Hence, since 2001 I have been involved in educational activities in my university by lecturing on computer architecture and x86 Assembler language. During the years at the university I was also interested in computer graphics and wrote some programs involving texturing, lighting and ray tracing algorithms.

My first research work involved software emulation of Intel 8086 processor and was completed in 2002. From this point on I took a great interest in low-level architecture of computer programs; nevertheless, I continued my study of DSP. Had improved the DSP program which became capable of carrying out all the calculations in real-time and was developed in 2003. In addition to a number of useful features, this program allowed to apply low-, high- and band-pass filters to the input PCM signals in real time and produced synchronous PCM output.

After graduating from the university in 2003 (I got an engineer's diploma with honors, which is equivalent to the Master of Science degree), I was offered a position of system software engineer at Forte-IT telecommunications company, where I had successfull experience in development of distributed commercial computer telephony applications. Apart from my commercial work, I held a position in my university (in 2005 I was promoted to Senior Tutor, and Junior Professor in 2007).

In June 2007 I left Forte-IT and joined Intel Corp. Moscow research office as a Senior Software Engineer. The reason behind that was my desire for new challenges and working at low-level systems programming projects such as binary translators, compilers and other stuff. At that time I became sort of over-qualified professional at Forte-IT, so I needed new perspectives and challenges to develop myself as high-qualified technical specialist. During my time at Intel, I had much experience working at various projects in roles of software engineer and team lead. the projects involved such tech as binary translation, dynamic code optimizations, reverse engineering, compiler code generation. And a project that is of high importance now: developing new processor HW-SW architecture to cope with current performance issues of all Intel x86 family processors. I was quite successfull engineer at Intel and got "Exceeds expectations" mark as the result of annual performance review in 2008. But then, due to some organization changes and personal interest shift, I felt less interest in the field since I got more interested in interdisciplinary R&D which my department could not fulfill at the time.

At the end of 2009 I accepted the offer from Samsung Electronics to join their R&D team at South Korea research center. That was great expirience working in a foreign country in a group of Korean and multinatinal professionals. I was working on future generations of Flash memory software. Particularly, I and my other russian colleague have developed a research prototype for Flash Translation Layer of a memory card to be used as a algorithmical model for future product-level designs.

Still, I felt sad about leaving my home for such a long time (I had 2-year contract) and also a permanent feeling that our work hasn't been appreciated due to some company's political reasons. Also, office life has long become a hard burden for almost three years working at Intel and Forte-IT. So, I decided to quit working full-time and return to my homeland for taking care of my parents and building a new vista.

Upon returing to Moscow, I made a very good agreement with my former employer Forte-IT. The terms of the agreement include working from home at a flexible schedule and full formal employment.

Now I am a Senior Software Engineer at Forte-IT and develop solutions for future generation Video Streaming Platform which should be shipped to major brand russian cell phone service providers for 3G/4G platforms support. Still, I'm looking for a part-time job since I have much free time (don't need to travel to office in horrible Moscow traffic jams). I am open to cooperation with public companies and private parties on a basis of part-time software/hardware development and other high-tech R&D tasks.

Please feel free to contact me using my personal data at the title page.