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Welcome to Sergey B. Voinov's Home Page!

The primary purpose of this page is to present some information about me, my research work and my projects. Here you can also view my biography and obtain information about my education, experience and interests.

My areas of interest include Information Technologies and Computer Science, especially software engineering, computer hardware/architecture, operating systems, systems programming, reverse engineering of hardware and binary codes, digital and blind signal processing, computer graphics, neural networks, and much more.

I am Senior Software Engineer at JSC Expert Solutions (subsidiary of JSC Vimpelcom), Moscow. It's my primary job in the area of telecommunications software development. Since I work from home via the Internet, I am looking for new job opportunities and additional part-time jobs (including short-time trips and working abroad). I prefer working on software and interdisciplinary hardware-software projects like microcontroller devices, electronics, industrial automation, reverse-engineering and hightech R&D.

I also look for out-of-office jobs as Field Engineer, frequent business-trips (abroad ones are welcome), field work involving installation, maintenance, programming and debugging high-tech equipment.

Please, contact me if you are interested in my services:
  • Software development for Windows and Linux (C++, Assembler, .NET languages);
  • Electronics design (digital electronics, microcontroller devices, power supplies, industrial automation);
  • Electronics hardware repair;
  • Consulting services.

I am a member of IEEE and ACM professional societies. You can also view my profile at the following professional networks:My tech publications are available here at my home page and at my public blog LiveJournal.

Please feel free to contact me using e-mail: sergey.voinov@gmail.com.