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Chineese 3" disk drive emulator

Copyright (c) Sergey B. Voinov.
Chineese 3" disk drive emulator.

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Repairing Macintosh Performa 630

I have an old Mac Performa 630 which was installed in my university many years ago. After these devices were comissioned, I took one for myself.

It had a problem with its power supply:

Copyright (c) Sergey B. Voinov.
Repairing  Macintosh Performa 630.

So, it was literally burned out - don't know how it happened, but without my help )
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Morse Code Detector

Since I am a member of Moscow Ham Radio club, I volunteered to repair an old russian Morse code detector called ADKM-85. This device has been used sinse USSR epoch to train military and civilian personnel to use Morse code for CW transmission and reception.

Copyright (c) Sergey B. Voinov.
Morse Code Detector.
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New AC motor for Tesla Coil spark gap

Bought an asynchronous AC motor today. It is 3-phase 0.18 KW asynchronous AC motor.

The motor is for my new Tesla Coil design using rotary spark gap. The motor is to be controlled by a frequency converter, which will be a VCO stage of home-made PLL to synchronize Mains phase with the motor rotation. That should be a very good rotary spark gap, since phase adjustment will be automatic and precise.

Copyright (c) Sergey B. Voinov.
New AC motor for Tesla Coil spark gap.

The price is ~84 USD, which is quite high for motors like this - but it's because I bought 1 unit. If you buy more units, the price drops considerably.

Now I need to consult my colleagues at The Plant, 'cause I need a part which will be set on the motor's shaft and rotate an insulating disc with electric contacts on it.

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