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Radioamateur's power supply

Copyright (c) Sergey B. Voinov.
Radioamateur's power supply. This was my first electronics project after a long period of time when I was interested only in computers. But then, back in 2007, electronics hobby became once again interesting to me.

The parameters of the device are as follows:
  • Supply voltage: 220V AC.
  • Output voltage: 0 to 30V DC.
  • Output current: 5A max.
The device also has overcurrent protection and 2 parallel outputs for convenience.
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Voice Door Bell

This device plays a sound file when door bell button is pressed. Originally it was planned to be a part of Smart Home Project, but eventually became separate project, not connected to Smart Home.

The Bell has IR remote control, storage for up to 4 melodies and relatively high output power about 5W, so you can hear it even through a closed door. To upload sound files from PC to the device, RS-232 is used.
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LCD clock

Copyright (c) Sergey B. Voinov.
LCD clock. After my half-year trip to South Korea, where I worked at Samsung Electronics as Senior Engineer, I have returned to Russia to follow other pursuits...
And so I decided to "resurrect" my electronics skills and make money on it. But it had to do much training first. So this was my first electronics projects after the Korea.

It's just an ordinary clock with an alarm which use LCD display and PIC microcontroller. But still I have tried my "new" laser-iron technology of PCB production at home - see below.
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